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STD and HIV/AIDS are some of the burning questions of the present era. Though the spreading rate of HIV/AIDS is not too much in Bangladesh, PSBS eagerly wants to motivate all to keep themselves safe from it. To PSBS, "AIDS Free World" is very much expected. In Bangladesh, people of the lower class economy like slum dwellers are in high risk of different kinds of STDs like HIV/AIDS as they are not aware of the risk factors and thier lifestyle is low enough. PSBS is now running motivational program at different slums of Barisal region to keep the dwellers away from STDs. The response rate is also high here. The strategy consists of:

i. Advocacy.

ii. Promotional Campaign.

iii. Seminars.

iv. Raising of Public Opinion against STD like HIV/AIDS.

v. Narrative and Technical Demonstration how those spread and take away life.

vi. Support towards the affected patients both medicatively and psychologically.