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Polly Bohumuki Seba Sangstha is in Bangladesh engaged in 6 cantons, 14 districts and 33 municipalities. These places are located in the southwest of Bangladesh. The area is visited every year by natural disasters. Many people suffer from diseases that are difficult to control, because there is no good medical care. For this reason PSBS decided to help these people. On 05.05.2012, the members of Polly Bohumuki Seba Sangstha have come together with the aim for these needy people to build a hospital. Above all, this hospital should be located so that it can be achieved without effort. On 18.9.2012 could begin the work planned. It is planned to build up to make ready 11/18/2013.

For the establishment of the hospital for a few needed to accessories: Medical equipment, hospital beds, laboratory analytical instruments, etc. In order for these people to get the required medical examination and care, we are looking for medical equipment and facilities, which no longer needed, but used for this project continues to be could.

Thus professional work can be done, we are also trying to find specialized doctors. We make every effort to open the hospital on 03.01.2014 to. We are very pleased with all the support that can be given to us in order to realize this project!]

Total Budget : 500`000 EUR