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The concept of Physical Safety, Public Health, Community Medicine is not an establisheb phenomena yet in Bangladesh. People here suffer from many diseases mostly for their lack of awareness. Again many communicative diseases spread very quickly as population is very densed here. Some of the major Health Issues in Bangladesh are:


i. Night Blindness and high Mortality Rate due to Mal-Nutrition.

ii. Risky Midwifery specially at Rural Level and high Death Rate (both mother and neonates) due to this

iii. Lack of Awareness about Traumatic Issues and Infectious phenomena (like Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Rationapathy, Severe Wound etc.)

iv. Lack of Awareness about care and monitoring during the time of Pregnancy etc.   


PSBS has already taken health program for mother, neonates, children and other deprived group of the rural area. PSBS is now running the following program:

i. Campaign related to Community Medicine and Community Treatment Strategy

ii. Campaign related to Workflow during the time of Pregnancy.

iii. Regular Helath Camp to mitigate the existing anomalies.

iv. Providing proper training about Safe Midwifery, Handling Traumatic Cases, Handling Mal-Nutrition etc.

v. Providing proper training among the mass so that tehy can know and apply first aid if necessary.

Total Budget : 40`000 EUR