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You are working as a doctor / nurse and want to provide aid at "Swiss Hospital" in Bangladesh? As a doctor, or a doctor, you have the Möglich¬keit to get involved in a short-term use in one of our projects. Live locally and work directly with indigenous sisters and Gesundheits¬arbeitern so that your work is adapted to the local culture, needs of patients.

Requirements are:
• Experience in the field of medicine, nursing
• gratuitous use
• first use until the age of 70 years of age
• Übernehmung of 50% of airfare
• English language skills

Have we awaken your interest? Then ask for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Bewerbungs¬prozess.
Full-time Jobs
• Doctors general medicine
• physician obstetrics
• Kinderazt / Physicians
• Surgeon
• Nurse

General information
The main reason for our project is that there are no good medical care in Bangladesh, and the hospitals are far apart. One drives about 2 hours from the nearest hospital. The hospital building has already been completed. In the "Swiss Hospital" 40 employees are currently employed. These employees include: doctors, nurses, administrators, cleaners, etc. At the entrance of the hospital has a pharmacy where every day customers come to refer to drugs. Since the opening of the hospital to this day come into this hospital almost daily children in the world .It also operations are performed. (Tumor and cancer surgeries, appendectomies, etc.)

If interested in any volunteer efforts in "Swiss Hospital" in Bangladesh is catered for accommodation.