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Polly Seba Bohumukhi Shangstha (PSBS) is an emerging strong voice over establishing better love, peace, justice, democratic values and verses against poverty of various kinds, gender disparity & terrorism in our society. Major goals of PSBS are as below:

i. Education is the backbone of the nation and education should be available to all. PSBS has taken initiatives to educate the dropped out children through non-formal education system accross the nation.
ii. Bangladesh is one of the 3 rd world poorest countries of the world where a huge number of unemployment in our country which are to be ensured and disposed the working arena through training the youth & provide them into job opportunity.
iii. There are major numbers of miserable and disable peoples around us setting up a good number of projects in providing them in social development with good condition.
iv. Creating conventional working opportunities for the women and encourage them participation.
v. In deed, human right is a far beyond from our people of Bangladesh especially in respect, women and children's priority rightness, where we like to ensure & undertake human rightness persuading and converting to toward the Baptism & a real human resourceful life.
vi. It generally and commonly It is found much more violence and discrimination in the society owing to poverty and starvation, so, reducing its higher rate of violence and discrimination we firmly ensure in uprooting violence & discrimination . PSBS takes its positive initiative.
vii. Improving the socio economic status of the targeted people by developing the habit of saving, providing skill training and micro credit support.
ix. Over a humanitarian commitment rehabilitating the vulnerable group with providing relief materials along with other necessary supports are really needed. Suppose, the cyclone SIDR hitting people at the offshore is a common phenomenal while the cyclone SIDR occurs it, then, providing them in rehabilitation and relief materials are to be aided obviously that PSBS serves severely and solemnly.