Gender Disparity

Gender Disparity is one of the most problematic issues of Bangladesh specially at rural level. Though about 50% of the total population are women,they don't enjoy social and financial freedom significantly due to religious custom, local culture, heritage etc.

Women has a little participation in decision making body, in commerce and business, in politics and social implementaion etc. Again, many of them are the victims of socail diseases like separation, early marriage, family torturing, divorce etc. But PSBS believes that if the women force can be used as well as accelerated then that can play a significant role towards the development of the country. So, PSBS has taken initiatives for the betterment of the women and to mitigate the gender disparity at different villages of Barisal District. Some of those are as below:

i. Campaign against Gender Disparity in the light of the advancement of the whole world

ii. Campaign to make the women community aware of their rights and duties

iii. Exploration the scopes whre women can participate very easily and feasibly

iv. Campaign for being valuable through proper education towards women

v. Arrangement of Framework like Small Cottage Industry where local women will be able to participate to utilize their potential and earn money

vi. Introducing the "Potential and Values" of women towards the Community