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Education is the backbone to create self-reliant of an independent country. Specially, the strong foundation of child education makes a nation to reach towards its destination. Although primary education is mandatory in Bangladesh, but it is really much difficult to implement for various reason. In the rural areas where majority of the population lives, they are unable to send their children to the school mainly for poverty, lack of production in the agricultural farm as well as limited scope of labour works.

The children of their family help their parents especially in the cultivation and harvesting season to survive with their family. Some parents are not much interested to send their child to the school for a longer period of time, because they need support of their children in the household works. Some of the school-going children grow interest to earn money from different source of local labour works to purchase food & daily necessary commodities. As a result, maximum children were bound to drop their education for absence of long time in the school.

In considering the above-mentioned facts our aim is to establish at least one pre-primary school in each of the village at our targeted areas. The overall planning of this project is to motivate the guardians of the children, creation of attractive environment in the school premises to grow learners interest among the education system for reducing the dropouts in a fruitful manner. Specially, it is important to arrange attractive classroom arrangements, sufficient education materials and learning books, student's school dress, arrange feed-meal for the kids etc. On the other hand, it is important to arrange micro-credit loan allocation to the parents of the poor children for creating of an extra job/employment opportunity in their family. It is our expectation that the pre-primary school programme will reach towards its Goal if we organize and consider the above-mentioned aspects to promote a successful child education programme.
Total Students : 450

Total Budget : 45000 EUR