Mission & Vission


PSBS is a higly target and mission oriented organization and the mission is to help the poor and vulnerable group in building thier capacity both external and internal.


Again, the mission also can be described as a tool to make people a "Self Sufficient, Self Governed and Self Dependent" entity through proper guideline, financial help, requisite training etc. PSBS is very much interested to reach its mission shortly and possitively.


PSBS is dedicated to provide a better and superb guideline to ensure advancement in total lifestyle which will reflect Rightness, Justice, Peace, Appropriate Decision Making, Gender Parity and above all Democratic Approach.

Name of The NGO: Polly Seba Bohumukhi Shangstha (PSBS)

Legal Status: PSBS is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, under the Secretariat of Prime Minister, The people's republic of Bangladesh as follows :1) Foreign Donation (FD) registration from NGO Affairs Bureau, Registration No. 2556/ 2010. (View Certificate)

Department of Social Service, under the ministry of Social Welfare: Social Service Department,Registration No. BARI-136/2008. (View Certificate)

Department of Credit and Development Forum ( CDF) Network membership Certificat, Membership No. M 1165. (View Certificate)

The People Behind PSBS

  Akond Azad   Chairperson
  Mukunda Lal Debnath   Chief Secretary
  David Mukhatee   Vice-Chairman
  Sudan Chandra Paul   Vice-Chairman
  Hasina Begum   Chief Coordinator